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Our Ranch

Raising Cattle Responsibly Since the Early 1900's

G-Line Ranch strives to provide the most pure grain and grass-fed beef, meats, and wild game in the state of Oklahoma and to be good stewards of our land leaving it in better condition than we found it.

Our vision at G–Line Ranch is to inspire, uplift and create opportunities for those in and around our industry, use technology and push agriculture into the modern era of technology and meat practices that exceed industry standards.

Grilled Beef

Our History

Local Family Farm since the Early 1900's

Georgia Line (G-Line) Ranch was born six miles north of Boley, Oklahoma along the 3 mile stretch of “east west road", which is known as “The Georgia Line”. Our Ranch was officially established in 2003. We are 4th Generation Ranchers carrying on the legacy of our ancestors and creating a generational legacy for our children.

G-Line Ranch headquarters is located south of Bristow, Oklahoma. We pride ourselves in raising quality cows and calves. We are excited about our future and new projects including the development of a meat processing facility offering a market to local producers as well as economic growth for surrounding communities.

A little History:  The Georgia Line was where a community of citizens who migrated to Boley, OK from the state of Georgia lived during the migration from the Deep South into Oklahoma and the movement to all-black towns.

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